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SUHBA Builds with Safety
The Southern Utah Home Builders Association’s safety motto is “SUHBA Builds with Safety”. SUHBA actively offers safety education in the form of stand-alone classes throughout the year, a safety track at our annual Utah Building Industry Conference, an annual Safety Awards Luncheon on the first Tuesday of June, safety tips via our Membership Matters e-newsletter, and safety promotional items given at luncheons and other events.

“SUHBA Safe Contractor”

SUHBA’s goal is to raise awareness and safety culture with contractors.

Make safety your top priority – putting safety first can help reduce costs and improve productivity on the jobsite.

Hold everyone accountable – everyone who sets foot on the jobsite is responsible for safety.

How to qualifyclick here to fill out your application to qualify as a “SUHBA Safe Contractor”. We will promote safe builders and contractors in the Parade Magazine, Building Guide, SUHBA website, social media, SUHBA newsletter, and a promotional sign at SUBHA events. Contact with any questions. 

“SUHBA Safe Contractors”


Adams & Company Construction

Alcoa Construction


Cedar Pointe Homes

Cole West Home

Countertop Source

Dixie Power

DR Horton

Ence Homes

Gold Stream Construction Corp.

Hirschi Roofing and Insulation

Interstate Homes

Interstate Rock Products

JP Excavating

Madsen Homes

Pacific Supply

S & S Homes

Split Rock Custom Homes

St. George Truss Co.

Stephen Wade Auto Center

Sunstate Companies

Visionary Homes

SUHBA Safety Awards Program

SUHBA encourages members to have an active and robust safety program to protect themselves, their employees, and to reduce cost of doing business. Each year four SUHBA members are recognized and presented with custom safety awards at the June luncheon in the following categories:

General Contractor

Trade Contractor
Service Contractor
Supplier Contractor

Safety Winners of 2024

Alcoa Construction has not had a job-site accident in the last 5 years, and only one job-site accident in the past 12 years. They implement temporary guard rails at stair openings and 2nd floor door openings, and safety railings on stucco scaffolding. Safety line tie-offs for roofers, and caution tape and/or temporary fencing at excacvation are used. Painters use respirators. Periodic ladder and cord checks are performed. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are in the superintendent truck. Metal scaffolding is used for drywall and tile. Their is daily supervision on all job-sites. The SUHBA Safety Program has raised awareness of job-site safety to help keep it top of mind. Alcoa Construction received the 2024 General Contractor Safety Award.

Cedar Pointe Homes has broadly implemented a safety mindset throughout their workplace through awareness and training. They focused on fall protection and have seen a marked improvement and buy in with their trade partners. They are changing the culture of safety awareness in residential home building in Southern Utah. The SUHBA safety resources are helping them to identify and recognize their contemporaries efforts in safety and it encourages them to further their safety efforts. Cedar Pointe Homes received the 2024 General Contractor Safety Award.

Cole West Home has recently signed up all field staff for OSHA training, they are working on safety railing in place and other protections on jobsites. They have heightened awareness of safety concerns to enable staff to better protect their workforce. SUHBA has made an impact by keeping them informed of safety concerns. Cole West Home received the 2024 General Contractor Safety Award.

Ence Homes is dedicated to prioritizing the safety of their employees by providing them with the necessary equipment tailored to their specific tasks. Additionally, they meticulously train them in proper procedures, ensuring they understand and meet Ence Homes high expectations. Their safety efforts have significantly enhanced both their workplace environment and work sites. By diligently implementing comprehensive safety measures, they have not only minimized the risk of accidents and injuries but also fostered a culture of awareness and accountability amoung their employees. This has led to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and ultimately, a more positive and efficient work environment overall. Ence Homes received the 2024 General Contractor Safety Award.

S & S Homes holds weekly training meetings to go over safety process. They have monthly safety meetings with safety material from the NAHB. All vehicles and office personnel have necessary safety equipment readily available. This has made it possible to maintain a safe workplace. When something does happen, all employees know how to handle the situation and take proper action. S & S Homes’ focus is on safety and it shows in their low accident rate. They want everyone to feel safe. They are open to any ideas employees have about safety and listen to any problems they anticipate so they can fix them. They make sure their employees feel that they can contribute to all discussions during the safety meetings.  S & S Homes received the 2024 General Contractor Safety Award.

Countertop Source has a weekly safety message every Wednesday morning. All employees went through a live fire extinguisher training. They purchased two AED’s for their plant. They have a planned training calendar so they continue safety training throughout the year. They have employees attend a defensive driving training annually. They keep safety at the forefront of their day to day activities. After their weekly safety message is presented, they take five to ten minutes to discuss take aways from the safety training.  Countertop Source received the 2024 Service Contractor Safety Award.

Sunstate Companies provides PPE to all employees and require them to wear it onsite at all times. They have new hire safety orientations with all new employees before they start work, and their foremen do weekly toolbox talks on various safety topics. They understand it is important to be safe and learn new tools and procedures from their supervisors to keep their job sites accident free. They try to increase their safety awareness in their business. Sunstate Companies received the 2024 Supplier Contractor Safety Award.

Past Winners


General Contractors: Alcoa Construction, Cedar Pointe Homes, Cole West Home, Ence Homes, and S & S Homes

Trade Contractors: Countertop Source and Sunstate Companies


General Contractors: Alcoa Construction, Cole West Home, Madsen Homes, and S & S Homes

Trade Contractors: Hirschi Roofing and Insulation

Service Contractor: Stephen Wade Auto Center

Supplier Contractors: St. George Truss Co.


General Contractors: S & S Homes, Visionary Homes

Trade Contractors: Countertop Source

Service Contractor: Stephen Wade Auto Center

Supplier Contractors: Pacific Supply


General Contractors: S & S Homes, Visionary Homes

Trade Contractor: Interstate Rock Products, JP Excavating

Service Contractor: Dixie Power

Supplier Contractor: Carpets Plus, Stephen Wade Auto Center


General Contractors: Alcoa Custom Homes, S & S Homes, Split Rock Custom Homes

Trade Contractor: Interstate Rock Products


General Contractors: S & S Homes, Split Rock Custom Homes, Sullivan Homes

Trade Contractors: Interstate Rock Products, JP Excavating, Sunpro

Service Contractor: Stephen Wade Auto Center


General Contractor: S & S Homes

Trade Contractor: JP Excavating

Service Contractor: Stephen Wade Auto Center

NAHB Safety Resources
Utah Safety Council

SUHBA Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Pledge

SUHBA invites you to take the Pledge and become one of our partners to promote a workplace environment free of substance and alcohol abuse, whether you’re on a construction site or in an office. Taking this pledge will show your commitment to providing a safer work environment for you and your employees and will give you the resources you need to implement an effective substance abuse policy.

Safety training is sponsored through a workplace safety grant from the Utah Labor Commission.

Occupational Health Care International (OHCI)

Turning Leaf Wellness Center.

Take advantage of the great discounts they are offering exclusively to SUHBA members:

• 20% discount for Employee Evaluations
• $50 Substance Abuse Policy customized for your company (normally $125)

Take the Pledge and join the following SUHBA Members

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