We would like to encourage all of our members to get out and vote in the General Election by November 6, 2018!

Before you cast your vote, make sure you are informed on the candidates and their stances.

You can find information on candidates and their parties, along with ballot propositions, voter ID requirements, General Election information, election night results and much, much more at:


The Washington County Clerk’s Office has made a change in how registered voters will be casting their ballots in all future county elections.Washington County will be conducting its elections mainly By Mail.

By Mail voters will be receiving their ballots 3 weeks before each Election Day. Eligible registered voters in Washington County do not need to request a ballot to be mailed to them, one will be mailed to their residential or mailing address automatically.

For more information, please click on the link:


We also encourage you to vote for those candidates who are in support of the housing industry and growth.

Remember, one of our SUHBA members, Gil Almquist, is running for County Commissioner!