We’re excited to have Guest Speaker: Isaac Barlow busybusy.com address the topic of “The Importance of Systems and Culture in your Business” at our SUHBA Luncheon May 2nd at Courtyard St. George from 12-1pm.
His topic is: “Culture is important to attract new talent and keep your employees. The large demand for employees makes culture important to attract the best and the brightest. A high retention rate is key because it creates loyalty in your employees and makes them more productive. To achieve maximum profitability great culture needs great systems. Systems provide sufficient information to make profitable decisions. Adopting new technology gives our businesses the competitive edge and improves systems in the construction industry. Every business has a culture. It is up to us to make sure that it is strong and that it empowers our employees through the systems we implement.”

Thoughts or questions for Isaac to address on Tuesday about this topic?
Thanks to our sponsor Iron Door Works.