Government Affairs

About Government Affairs

One of the most important reasons for becoming a member of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA) is to protect the building industry in Southern Utah. There is strength in numbers and SUHBA representatives work hard to protect the building industry and represent members as the Voice of the Building Industry.

SUHBA is respected in the community because we work to build bridges with local municipalities and building industry professionals. Issues can be resolved much more effectively as we join together and work to problem solve while maintaining long term relationships.

If you would like to get involved in SUHBA Government Affairs, send an email to Working Together to Build a Better Community!

Examples of Government Affairs Issues

Review and Make Recommendations on Impact Fee Studies

SUHBA hires professional consultants to perform thorough reviews and we make recommendations to local municipalities. These recommendations result in a more accurate impact fee study and many times have resulted in decreased fees or municipalities do not implement maximum allowable fees. SUHBA has saved contractors thousands of dollars!

Meet with Building Officials to Resolve Conflicts

When we join our voices together we are able to problem solve issues compared to doing it alone. SUHBA members are fair and want to do what is right. Sometimes requirements add extra time, expense, etc. We work together to problem solve issues.

Support Candidates Who Advocate to Protect the Housing Industry

SUHBA presents candidate forums to help educate our members on candidate platforms. It’s important to support candidates that advocate on behalf of the housing industry and will ensure continued well-planned growth to maintain our qualify of life in Southern Utah.

SUHBA Representatives Volunteer on State Code Committees, Boards, & Coalitions

Members and their interests are represented well on various code committees, state boards, and housing coalitions. Representatives work to protect your interests so unnecessary codes and new requirements are not implemented.

Protection on a State and National Level

A portion of every SUHBA membership dues goes to the State of Utah Home Builders Association and to the National Association of Home Builders. Housing is always under attack and we are protecting your interests on a local, state and national level.